Patient Paperwork

Patients – Please complete the Active Life Dentistry paperwork below if you are a NEW patient, or if you are a RETURNING patient that has not yet filled out the 2021 updated paperwork. You may complete the paperwork in one of two ways:

1. Click HERE  to submit your patient paperwork electronically. If you choose this option, please complete the paperwork at least ONE HOUR prior to your appointment, to ensure that it will be received in our office before your appointment time. You will be given an option to download a copy of the completed forms after you have completed the forms.

2. Click HERE to print a hard copy of the patient paperwork and fill out by hand. Please be sure to bring the completed paperwork with you to your appointment.

If we have not received your patient paperwork in our office at or prior to your appointment, you will be asked to fill out these forms in our office. Thank you for your cooperation! Please call us at 281-970-4000 during business hours if you have any questions.

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