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Guard that Smile! Protect your athlete with a custom mouth guard.

Mouth guards are not just for MMA-style contact sports. Any sport that involves contact or involves the hurling of an object through space has the potential for catastrophic damage to the face and oral structures. During my 21 years of dentistry, some of the most “life changing” cases I have worked with are those involving sports-related injuries and loss of teeth.

Trauma from these injuries can result in either loss of tooth structure or loss of the entirety of the tooth. Losing tooth structure typically requires a full coverage crown. A crown is a procedure that involves contouring the remainder of your tooth and covering with a new shell. This procedure restores the tooth to its original shape and function.

While crowns are durable, they are not expected to last for a lifetime. The lifespan of your crown depends heavily on your oral care and habits. Over time, it may become visually more obvious that it is different than the others. Loss of a tooth can also result in the need of other surgical procedures such as dental implants.

While there are over the counter mouth guards available and these are better than nothing, they do have their limitations. A big concern is often fit to the average mouth. Over the counter mouth guards are not typically big enough to fit all of the teeth and can sometimes be misaligned. At Active Life Dentistry, we are able to fabricate a mouth guard that is custom fit to your mouth with one simple impression. The advantage of the custom fit mouth guards that we offer are that they fit your mouth, protecting not only the teeth but the surrounding oral structures as well. Custom mouth guards can be a strong defense as you or your child take the field to play hard.

Contact Active Life Dentistry at 281.970.4000 today to schedule an appointment for a custom fit mouth guard.

-Chris Blume, DDS

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