Back to School with Healthy Smiles

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With students heading back to school, along comes the quest to get our kids back on healthy routines to help start back strong. With just over a week left for students in CFISD, there’s no time like the present to make your children’s dental appointment before school starts. The start of school feels like a whirlwind of activity with being pulled in different directions from academics to fall sports starting to different family events. Be able to check one more item off your list and have your children brush up their Back to School Smiles. We have five convenient locations over the Northwest Houston that may offer have same day or next day appointments available depending on your family’s schedule.

With all the comings and goings in the busy Back to School season, comes the quest for healthy afternoon snacks to feed the kiddos in between activities. Encourage healthy eating and drinking. Discuss with our kids about what eating and drinking sugary junk does to their teeth and the damages it causes, both long and short term..It takes the whole family to be on board for this to work; they’re going to be watching you too. The great oral hygiene you’re teaching your children will go a long way both for health reasons and financial savings. Start with small goals. For example, limit sugary juices or drinks for only at certain times, such as once a week or during special celebrations. The rest of the time, swap them out with water or milk that is more beneficial to their oral health. Do something similar with snacks. Instead of cookies, chips, and crackers, encourage them to snack on nuts, veggies and dip, fruits, and cheese. My youngest loves apples with peanut butter.

Kids thrive off of routine, and adults do too. With little time left until school starts back up, start establishing good oral hygiene routines with your family again. Set up a schedule so that your kids know when it’s time to brush and floss. You know your kids best so you know what kind of schedule/calendar/reminder system will work best for them. My own kids love to brush along with the electric toothbrushes and a song.

Active Life Dentistry wishes you and your family a happy and smooth start of another school year. Call us at 281.970.4000 to schedule your child’s back to school dental cleaning today!